Our Core Philosophies

Fix it First

Our first and foremost commitment is to have you up and running so that you can continue with your business as fast as possible.


We will be transparent with our process and accountable in the success of your company, as well as ours


This simple phrase is widely overused. However, at Intelismart, we strive to become a trusted advisor and strategic partner that can be counted on to deliver each and every time


Self-Service is a growing concept across all industries worldwide. We enable Digital Transformation by developing a self-service customer experience with you.

Transform your Customer Experience

Self-Checkout provides customers with quick conversion by streamlining the checkout process. Consider the efficiencies of one store associate managing more than five self-checkout lanes at once. This has a massive impact on decreasing checkout lines and avoiding customer walk-outs.

Endless Aisle is another self-service concept used to promote product. Endless Aisle stations a kiosk at strategic locations to advertise more product than what’s available on the shelves. In doing so, you can use custom applications to target your advertising based on loyalty programs or to enhance the customer experience by using the kiosk as a product search engine.

Consider Self-Service Lockers. As Buy-Online-Pickup-In-Store, or BOPIS, continues to grow, Self-Service lockers can be used to store orders for a socially distanced pickup experience. These lockers can also be used for returns.

With the number of customer touchpoints increasing, we are always partnering with self-service leaders to solution new ways to optimize your operations. Self-Service is an incredible way to transform your customer experience.

Intelismart is with you to manage every step.

We work to Understand Why. While there are many reasons self-service solutions can benefit you, we work to understand your business priorities. As a partner, we look for ways to improve your processes and increase your social distancing strategy

We help to Design your Solution. Your current technology, your customer profile, your customer traffic flow, your store operation processes, your installation roadmap, and your future break/fix maintenance are some of ways that we consider the big picture. It’s our goal to deliver a comprehensive and customized solution specifically for you.

We’ll sponsor your Proof of Concept. By taking a deep look at the details, we validate that your solution fits your desired customer experience. We help you prove your concept and address any changes before taking your solution to scale.

We’ll Deploy to your timeline. With procuring hardware, staging equipment, and scheduling installations, there are a lot of moving parts with a deployment. We manage every step to meet your timeline.

Support your Solution. Let’s face it, things break. It’s our priority to protect your customer experience. Our comprehensive support programs ensure your solution is always up and running as designed.